The End of Capitalism — from an Astrological perspective

Posted by Wolfgang Somary on August 20, 2012
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End of Capitalism[1] In 1952 Felix Somary, renowned banker and economist of the Viennese School, wrote his political testament under the title „Democracy at Bay“ (in the German original: „Krise und Zukunft der Demokratie“). A couple of years later Father said to me: „Communism is but an episode; you shall live to see its demise. But five minutes later the bells shall toll for the end of capitalism“. His prediction has come true. The size of public indebtedness is so vast that a declaration of bankruptcy is politically taboo. Bu without bankruptcy to clear the decks when funds have been misappropriated, capitalism no longer functions. When efforts to avert default are undertaken at the cost of civic freedom, democracy is truly at bay. As a reader of Homer’s great epics Illias and Odyssee, Felix Somary was aware of the force of destiny. Attempting to decipher the signature of destiny and understand the spirit of our time, I offer by means of analogical symbolism the following commentary.

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