All Hallows Day

Posted by Wolfgang Somary on Oktober 20, 2013
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An essay on friendship in the chrysanthemum season

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The Soul’s Eye

Posted by Wolfgang Somary on Juni 03, 2013
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My lord is your breath, no convict of writ, the flame of your love, no law on a rock, the Christ in your heart, no judge on a throne, a whispering wind, underway and alone.

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Auswirkung der Masslosigkeit

Posted by Wolfgang Somary on Mai 08, 2013
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Über die Kunst, das richtige Mass zu finden und damit vergnügt sein, erzählt dieser Aufsatz aus meinem Buch „Die Kosmologie des Geldes“, das am Vorabend der Finanzkrise von September 2008 erschienen ist und zunehmend Geltung bekommtAuswirkung der Masslosigkeit.

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Geld — ein Mittel, Schulden zu tilgen

Posted by Wolfgang Somary on April 27, 2013
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Hier finden Sie ein Kapitel aus meinem Buch „Kosmologie des Geldes“ (erschienen im Novalis Verlag, Schaffhausen 2008), erhältlich bei Amazon. Darin sind Betrachtungen über das Geldwesen jenseits der Finanzwirtschaft.

Geld — ein Mittel, Schulden zu tilgen

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Tintoretto’s Christ

Posted by Wolfgang Somary on März 26, 2013
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Biblical paintings reflect the artists‘ state of mind, they can be powerful witnesses that transcend the word.

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Sermon on Saint Stephen’s Day

Posted by Wolfgang Somary on Dezember 26, 2012
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To my oldest friend, pastor of the Church of Wales, I dedicate this homily.

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Posted by Wolfgang Somary on Oktober 07, 2012
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Playing the victim can be a profitable occupation if one is prepared to drink from the cup of home-brewed poison; but practicing forgiveness is the path to serenity for oneself and for others.

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The End of Capitalism — from an Astrological perspective

Posted by Wolfgang Somary on August 20, 2012
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End of Capitalism[1] In 1952 Felix Somary, renowned banker and economist of the Viennese School, wrote his political testament under the title „Democracy at Bay“ (in the German original: „Krise und Zukunft der Demokratie“). A couple of years later Father said to me: „Communism is but an episode; you shall live to see its demise. But five minutes later the bells shall toll for the end of capitalism“. His prediction has come true. The size of public indebtedness is so vast that a declaration of bankruptcy is politically taboo. Bu without bankruptcy to clear the decks when funds have been misappropriated, capitalism no longer functions. When efforts to avert default are undertaken at the cost of civic freedom, democracy is truly at bay. As a reader of Homer’s great epics Illias and Odyssee, Felix Somary was aware of the force of destiny. Attempting to decipher the signature of destiny and understand the spirit of our time, I offer by means of analogical symbolism the following commentary.

A Question Well Answered

Posted by Wolfgang Somary on März 20, 2012
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It has been said that school is a place where they give you answers to questions you never asked and fail to answer those that you do ask. How do you guide a pupil to find the right answer without imposing fashionable notions?

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Am I Adam?

Posted by Wolfgang Somary on März 20, 2012
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Myth, as I understand, is neither a romantic invention of poets, nor an archetypal construct to fulfill a psychic need, nor an artifice to teach piety, but a sensory vernacular and guide to experiencing the numinous. Myth can be articulated as allegory, symbol or metaphor but not as a didactic profession of faith. But how do you reconcile myth with historical fact?

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